Commission. Lab Accident

Lab accident 13Greetings and salutations my kind people.

Recently I have completed another commissioned piece.

This time I was approached to make a simple laboratory scene, where a scientist that is a anthro dragon have came in contact with some mutagenic, chemicals.

There is more this time too, as I am including also a gif showing off my creative process of this piece.  Enjoy and don’t forget to share and drop comments, my kind people.




Overwatch inspired Commision

Greetings and salutations my viewers.

After long break of  silence, caused by the end of university and other unfortunate life events.

I have returned and I bring new most recent commission I have completed.

Bun's Buns & gunsHere we got a commissioner’s bunny character cosplaying as the tracer from the game Overwatch by the Blizzard entertainment.

The pose and the clothing were as requested to be made so I didn’t had much freedom on thees.


I have started by doing a simple line sketch. Once it was finished I have showed it to the commissioner and discussed together the drawing.  After that I have made a tonal grey scale sketch and then filled up everything with color.

As final touch I have added a frame, which is a back of Heartstone’s card in Overwatch’s theme. Which belongs to the Blizzard entertainment as well as Tracer.