zBrush practice

lizz_sculpt_complete.pngWell I have finally got to understand some basics of zBrush, and I have made what I always do for testing new medias. Big and green Elziabeth. Obviously it is not best thing ever, but still I quite like this first thing.


Floating Castle

Well I have realized that i haven’t posted any pics of levels that I have created in the UDK .

Below are couple screen shots from my first level ever created used in UDK it was created back in 2013. Part of models and textures were by default in the UDK, rest are made by my self as well as their textures. That was my first level and I have overused post process effects and particle effects and also I have messed up optimalisation, but on other hand all triggers and cinematic were working properly.


lelve screen 1

lelve pic 3level pic 2

Various old models.

Well I have a massed of various older props, which I have used in couple projects. I have never showed them off by them self until now.  Majority of them have low res-textures and are quiet low poly, by they were never meant to be amazing or anything like that.

First one is simple dumpster. Used just as decoration or back ground prop.



Dumbster pic

Next is leader. Quiet self explanatory. Simple modular leader.


Next one need some explanations. It’s a gate that I have used in on of my older projects, around 2013. I had quiet  small time limit on creating my props.