Overwatch inspired Commision

Greetings and salutations my viewers.

After long break of  silence, caused by the end of university and other unfortunate life events.

I have returned and I bring new most recent commission I have completed.

Bun's Buns & gunsHere we got a commissioner’s bunny character cosplaying as the tracer from the game Overwatch by the Blizzard entertainment.

The pose and the clothing were as requested to be made so I didn’t had much freedom on thees.


I have started by doing a simple line sketch. Once it was finished I have showed it to the commissioner and discussed together the drawing.  After that I have made a tonal grey scale sketch and then filled up everything with color.

As final touch I have added a frame, which is a back of Heartstone’s card in Overwatch’s theme. Which belongs to the Blizzard entertainment as well as Tracer.



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