The showcase (Week 9)

So I have completed my conceptual show-reel. Before you go on reading anything about  I recommend to watch it first.


As I have mentioned at the beginning  of the project, I had trouble with finding and  tailoring my portfolio towards specific work position. So instead I have made slightly more generic with which I could apply for different positions.  I have analysed earlier different showcases.

I wanted my  portfolio to be fairly short and show of my art work skills and also my 3D skills.  So I have split my showcase into two sections. One for 3D other obviously.  I have included my newest examples of work in my 3D section. I have made it to blend in and out smoothly. Additional I have added small title card to each of the pieces to give any hint what they are. I could expand on it and add more technical data and also I should add details what software I have utilised there.  Just to give any hints on my skills. I might expand on that in the future. I also might add some wire frame renders of my  assets.

Closing card could  better as well. I am aware that my email address is not looking to professional and I should put up more links where I could be meet like: Facebook, LinkedIn. This could help building up contacts and on-line presence. Which could be very beneficial in my efforts in looking for a job.

Finding music fitting for my show reel was  difficult task due that I work with many different genres of art, like fantasy and science fiction and post-apocalyptical.  I have managed to find something quite neutral and more or less suitable.


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