Project Evaluation

So after thees all weeks the project have come to an end and with it time to evaluate what have happened through this time.


So in this project I had to analyze and learn about building up my brand and professional portfolio, in order to make myself more employable. Also I had to research my potential work positions and analyze their requirements.


I had difficulties with finding what job type I would like most. I had difficulties with finding my personal strengths. I couldn’t decide do I like more 2D or 3D so I have decided to craft a portfolio which could be easily converted to cover different required aspects of my work.


I have created a concept of the website, using my current blog and I intend to keep working on it further on. It is still not final version of the blog I have a trouble finding good color for the background. Perhaps I should try to use less intense gradient, and maybe use some simple tillable pattern. Navigation buttons and menus could use improvements as well, however I am unable to improve them due limitations of the theme which I was using. I would like to make that navigation is always seen regardless where viewers have scrolled up and down. This would ease that navigation greatly which is a key element in the making good website.
Content in this task wasn’t a most important element of the task. All of I got is mostly a place holder for future better and more suitable art pieces and with nice trimmed thumbnails, as opposed to whole images shrinked down. Thumbnails are generally more attractive to the viewer and encourage them to inspect them from up close.

Some navigation is still not functional on my page as well. I haven’t still attempted to build full fledged working website yet I was just trying to see what I can build with thees limited tools. I have learned that I would be able to make it close to the actual professional portfolio.  I know how to


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