A word from devs ( Week 8)

Welcome again dear readers.

So for this project I had opportunity to talk with the some professional developers from the industry.  I was discussing and asking them about skill set needed, interviews and best ways to show portfolio.

That was most useful and I have managed to learn couple things.

Some developers like to see your sketches and thinking process. It is good idea to bring to the interview some sketches and/or sketch books of yours. Your potential  employers would like to see your thinking and creative processes.

On the interview it is crucial to be fully prepared. Bring your won laptop or tablet if you wish to show them something digital, like animation or anything else.

Well obviously you must be confident and speak truth if you don’t know some software package it is imperative to not lie. Instead say that you would love to learn it quickly. Lies will make you look not trustworthy and you could ruin your journey into industry faster than you think.

It is important to build very good, portfolio. Most large developers these days ask for the very focused portfolio. As large developers prefer to employ specialised artists for each task in the studio. This way they are able to assign best people to each task.


Well next week I should have ready my show reel.






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