Website Concept ( Week 6)

Greetings ladies and gentleman in our next entry.

This time I am bringing a concept of how I would like my portfolio would look like. I shall try to bring my blog to look to the concept as close as possible. I know that I won’t be able to fully recreate the look  due technical limitations of the themes available. I am fairly certain that  I will be able to recreate the look to the certain degree.

Website concept
fig 1. Concept of image (2015)

The images in the middle section of the image acts as hyper links to the galleries containing thumbs of my best images, arranged in a grid. I am planing to make each thumbnail in same size. Clicking it would take viewer to the page which would say something more about the piece.

I want to keep the blog aspect as well and  I don  wish to include all  art pieces I make in main gallery which doubles as portfolio.

Clicking on the ” About” button would take viewer to the section talking about my past experience and it would also feature all contact details and links to other places to find me.

My inspirations behind this layout were examples which I have analysed earlier and compromise between what I can do with WordPress.

Well next time I shall provide some insight on my show reel.


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