Planning out ( week 5)

Planning out

This is not going to be a long post.
Week five. Here i have started doing up some concepts of a website and also looking up for music that I could use in my showcase.
I am planing to make my show case a presentation of my 3D and 2D art skills, I will split it in half, about 40 seconds for both segments.

I have found four, royalty free soundtracks which I could use in my showcase.
Below are 4 of ones that I thought would fit to my content , which I am going to show in my showcase. ( ossuary 3) ( crowd hammer)

I think they won’t distract or off put my viewers too much, as I was trying to find quite neutral ambient tracks which would also wouldn’t clash with the content, presented.

Next week I am planing to show off my early concepts of how I will build up my showcase and how I would like my website to look. After I got my concept of the website done I will attempt to make this blog as similar to it a s possible,


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