More progress ( week 4)

Week 4
I have managed to do some more work on the scene. I have finally completed some of my key assets and imported them into the scene. By this I mean skulls and phone booth. I have also completed my ground shadders and implemented it on the ground of the scene.

In development of this scene I have encountered certain problems with the rendering inside Unreal 4. I have learned recently that I was following wrong shadder development pipeline, as renderer inside Unreal 4 is using different rendering principles. This engine utilizes something PBR which means Physics Based Rendering. This means, that maps which I have created for some of the objects are invalid and they won’t look properly. For now I am not going to change this, but if I will have a time I will attempt to improve my texture maps to use PBR properly.


Prieview 1

Right now I have to prepare several more missing shadders into my scene, like missing glass shadders on hone booth. I need to just finish few more assets like, actual phone for the phone booth.  I believe that I am rather on target with this assignment. In fact I was considering creating and  including several more assets, like crows and grass. I could use both as the alpha maps,  flat images on a plane. I would do it in that way as it’s quick, and it is not interactive environment. So the viewers won;t be able to come up close and investigate them.  I might also include small plant life in form of bushy desert trees. I have also modelled some back ground props, but I did not implemented them yet.


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