Portfolio supplementation part 2: Show-reel time! ( week 4)


Another good way to show off your work are show reels. These are show videos created to show of best examples of your work. Show-reels can show off your work in better way than static images, and often are included in portfolios as well.

These are valuable for animators as they can show off their actual animations. They are useful for the modellers as they can show turntable versions of their assets. Concept artist may add up some life to their images and show them with supporting music in order to generate deeper impact of mood.  Game designers may show off their game prototypes and certain game mechanic ideas. Level designers and environmental artists may create  show reel to show their levels and how they were created.

They are plenty of benefits that comes from good and quality show-reel.  I am planing to created one by my self. So before leaping into creation stage I will first analyze traits what good show case should include. Once again I will include examples over here as well. Well there are no strict guidelines how such show reel should be constructed, so I will be judging by my personal feelings, and comparison between each other.


First is amazing portfolio made up by Tess Boughton, professional 3D general artist. Portfolio have excellent pacing and really good transition scenes as especially at 00:38. This moment blends perfectly two scenes from two productions. There were few examples of how singular models looks like. In my opinion there could be couple more examples of textures and models taken outside the final scene.  It’s good that contact details were implemented on the begging and end of the video.

Finally. Soundtrack. I have to say that it wasn’t too fitting into the whole showcase. It was really off-putting and I personally preferred watching it without sound.

Length of this video was also very good, enough to show some scenes in great detail and not too long to bore the viewers. Also each scene was labelled clearly ,  showing what this artist was doing and also where original scene comes from.

Obviously this show-reel was created in mind for the movie and advertisement industries.

An example of excellent concept art portfolio ruined by unfitting and vulgar music. I don’t mind personally vulgarity or obscenity if it serves some purpose.  Curse words should be used in art with reason and only to underline certain elements, moods or characters.  As such it shouldn’t be included in the soundtrack of professional portfolio.  Ask your self, is it sensible to put songs like “Smack My Bitch up” by The Prodigy in a professional showcases of work.

Besides it’s good portfolio, showing both finished images and snippets of work in progress and creative processes of the artist. That is very good thing to include.  It had good enough run length.

Here is another concept art show-reel. Much simpler calmer and shorter than two previous ones. Quality of work was decent. To make drawings appear more interesting  author, decided to add a bit of panning and movement to the images. Music was nice and calm, it wasn’t stealing spotlight of the art. and overall pacing of this video was much slower than previous. Which I personally appreciate as it allows to study show reel better.  There is not that much-more to say about it. There was interesting effect with the name showing up at the end of the image.

Our next target is a portfolio of 3D and concept artist in one.  Mister Tony Andreas Rudolph have made excellent portfolio showing of 2D and 3D examples of work. This one shows off how the scenes were looking before composition and how they were built up. For many employers it is important and valuable feature to include.  This artist also splits in between show-reel to show his concept work and  3D work separately.

Music choice was pretty good this time I have to admit that. It wasn’t as bothering as in couple previous examples.

Next portfolio now focused on texturing and 3D models. Overall content presented was good, however it was way too slow and it also included unnecessary title screens of the images. Images could be described as they are being shown. Images were dispalyed for too long and turn tables were rotating to slowly as well.

Music was way too epic for this show-reel piece. This type of music would be suitable for some sort animatic based show-reel, showing off a multitude of dynamic action scenes.

Next one commits similar sins. It shows off some good models but for too long and music used is absolutely horrendous and out of place. This kind of music belongs to the night club of some sort, instead  a professional portfolio.  I don’t mind use of nudity however it’s important to consider taht it’s not suitable for all employers , also the nude model was shown for way too long. On the other hand it is positive that author included  images showing off topologies of the model and also that he used interesting transition method.  Also abastract background wasn’t too interesting  or fitting.

I am not saying that  I will be able to devise great show reel my self. However I’ll attempt to create portfolio showing off my own 3D and art work


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