Week 3 Supplementation of portfolio ( Week 3)

This entry is going to be quite dry, so prepare for a boring read.

There are many different ways to boost your employ-ability chances within creative industries. Some might be  obviousm other are more industry specific.

First of all.
Networking. Getting your foot in  the doors could be  part of your success. As industry is relatively hermetic, I know  that from personal experience, limited but always some.  Plenty of people knowing each other that let very few to come in between their ranks,  this also means that infamy spreads quickly and it’s easy to build up bad reputation quickly.  So you should  build up links and you can do it physically or digitally, but it’s the best to do both.

Physically meeting with people helps to forge contacts, you can talk about them and your self about recruitment methods and if you are lucky enough then you can establish a contact within a company. If you talk with some  you might ask them to add you on facebook, twitter or other social media. Most prominent in the professional field is social portal called LinkedIn, but about it I’ll talk later.  Also it’s not always appropriate to  ask for such private contact details, so you can at least give them a business card, featuring your specialization,  name and contact details, there is always a chance that someone would keep your details.

LinkedIn, is a enormous behemoth of social site dedicated to create networks and meeting people from  many different industries. I want to see how much people I’ll be able to add to my network within course of several next weeks.  I will say about this website more towards the end of this project.

I know personally how quickly, contact list builds up and with it chance for employment.

Expos are not the only places where people from industry meet up. Any larger city in UK have at least several  game studios. Not necessary AAA but small and medium studios are quite often equally good work opportunities.  In some cities like Sheffield are regular monthly meetings of devs from said city and surroundings. There are quite often showing up people from Chinese Room, No Sky Visible or Bone Loaf and they do know more people .

There exist other way to get into industry as well.  You may attempt to apply for a game tester position. Salary is similar to the junior artist or sometimes even higher, in some cases. Once you are in the studio it is much easier to prod around people and advertise your  self and attempt to apply for art or program related position. It is true that it might be disheartening after getting degree to apply for a job position which may seam to be bellow your qualifications. However, benefits maybe be far greater than it seams. Within year you may build up a thick and wide network within the studio and you may have some recognition.  I don’t have any data to back it up but it’s fairly acceptable  career path.  I personally accept this as an possible option for my self as well for mentioned earlier reasons.

So to summarise today’s post.  I will start using gb.linkedin.com and review it’s usefulness later on. Also I will consider designing buissnes cards.  Additional I think I will start creating concept pieces how I would like my website to look like.


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