Inspirations (week1)

I have started my work from looking for inspirations and references which I could use in creation of the animatic. I have considered my skills and interest and analyzed what I could do best for this assignment.  So here will be brief research over the topics I have considered to create.

(Fig.1.) Apotheosis of war (1871)

(Fig.2) Road of the War Prisioners (1878-1879)

I have considered that I’ll  combine several inspirations together to generate the final outcome. My  main inspirations, are Apotheosis of War and Road of the War Prisoners.
These  two are oil paintings from 1871 and 1878 respectively,  created by ever great Russian artist Vasily Vasilyevich. I really wished to turn Apotheosis of war into a interesting scene within game engine and pay a homage to the classical master of art. Originally I have selected Apotheosis of war, due reproduction of said painting done by Russian artist Alexi S.Vitaly for his web-comic. I have learned about this painting thanks to this web comic several years ago.   A cropped excerpt from original comic can  be seen below.

(Fig.3) 30 (2011)
(Fig.3) 30 (2011)

So I am planing to create stylized post apocalyptic scene. I am planing to keep it in bright colors like the original painting. I want to convey the feel of dread using stylized scene. Also I want to use this as showcase of my various skills. I can show my ability to create high quality props and materials. My skills to create environments for games.  So this scene is great opportunity to show them.  I did researched other scenes and images as well.

(Fig.4.) Kirov Concept (ND)
(Fig.5.) Kirov Concept (ND)
(Fig.6.) Kirov Concept (ND)

Early concept art work of Kirov airships for game called: “Command & Conquer Red Alert2”. I have found these while I was looking for various inspirations. I was considering them, to add up to my scene to make it more interesting, however then I have realized that over-stylized Zeppelins would be out of place in my scene. Also making such high-detailed  animated model would take me too much time and it could be a focus of the scene of it self. If I would included it in the scene it would de-centralized whole scene, which is not a good thing.  Simple as that, it just didn’t fit the scene.

(Fig.7.) Necropolis Town Screen (1999)
(Fig.8) Inferno Town Screen (1999)

I have also considered  re-creating town images from this classic game. These two towns are my favorite from aesthetic stand point.  I wanted to pay a homage to one of my most favorite games of all times and also I wanted to see how these towns could look like in the modern engine. However I had to cast this idea aside due high amount of work I would need to invest into them. Even if I would change plenty of the buildings, and removed some features it still would need to create countless individual shadders for whole scene.  The amount of work would be also increase amount of the work for such limited time frame. So I wasn’t sure of my skills  and if I would managed to complete them on time.

(Fig.9) Wizard Peaks (1998)
(Fig.10) Cloud Spires (2000)

Next on my consideration list were screen-shoots from another good old games. “Spyro the Dragon” and “Spyro year of the Dragon”, whole series was large part of my childhood. I  wanted to again pay a tribute and re-create a level from that game using modern technologies. However I have decided not to, partially because of lack of the good reference images, but most importantly I wanted to create something that viewers could easier associate with.  I believe I could re-create a chunk of the level using slightly less stylized graphics.  As the  game is a opened spaced platformer , it’s environments are quite empty without game entities and instead just coping a game level I wanted to create some of my layout by my self. I did looked on more examples however I did not included them to stop this post from bloating.

(Fig.11) x4 (ND)
(Fig.12) untitled (nd)
(Fig.13) untitled (nd)

And finally, my last set of possible inspirations and considerations, is a collection of peculiar and surreal painting by Zdzisaw Beksiski. A Polish artists, painter and a sculptor of surreal art. It is important that  he  have never gave any title or even meaning to his pieces of work, there was nothing behind them , they just exist.  I was really interested by a concept of including such bizarre and sinister environment  a game.  An environment that fully alienates the player and brings chill to the skin. that’s very important part of horror games.

I really appreciate dark  color schemes and sinister nature of theese paintings and also their potential in the video games. However I have passed on them, due fact theese are not the best entries as key elements in the portfolio.  As final result would be hard to tell if it was good or bad. Still, I am considering making thees in a future for some other project.


Anonymus. (N.D). Vereshchagin, Vasily Vasilyevich The Apotheosis of War . Available: Last accessed 24th sep 2015.

(Fig.1.) Aposthesis of war (1871)

(Fig.2) Road of the War Prisioners (1878-1879),_1842-1904)._The_Road_of_the_War_Prisoners,_1878-1879.jpg

(Fig.3) 30 (2011)

(Fig.4.) Soviet airship concept (N.D)

(Fig.5) Soviet air ship concept (N.D)

(Fig.6) Soviet air ship concept (N.D)

(Fig.7.) Necropolis Town Screen (1999)

(Fig.8) Inferno Town Screen (1999)

(Fig.9) Wizard Peaks (1998)

(Fig.10) Cloud Spires (2000)

(Fig.11) Enhanced Towers (2000)

(Fig.12) Icy peak (2000)

(Fig.13) AA 78   (1978)

(Fig.14) untitled  (nd)

(Fig.15) untitled  (nd)

(Fig.16) untitled  (nd)

(Fig.17) untitled  (nd)

(Fig.18) untitled  (nd)


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