Portfolio’s purpose (week1)

What’s a portfolio?

Portfolios in many different creative industries are rather important thing. Usually what we call a portfolio in these industries, is a collection of the various   examples of work created by the artist. It is meant to show case best examples of your work to your potential employers.

Then what good portfolio needs to include? That’s in fact a very good question to ask. What good portfolio should include depends only the position to which you would like to apply . There are certain general guidelines all over the internet what such should include and how it should be structured. Typically it should include best examples of your work related to the place you are  applying to and these must be  displayed in clear and effective manner. (N.Holmes)

There are many things to take into a consideration while creating professional portfolio. Today we shall dwell into more theoretical of creating a portfolio and also what we need specifically for a job which I have selected. At this moment I am quite limited to looking for a jobs quite near to my region or looking for freelance jobs which could be completed at home.

So after some hunt on several websites for art related jobs I have concluded that there are plenty of various jobs with similar requirements, but not necessary same job types. So I will attempt to forge a elastic portfolio which could show multitude of my skills and which could be simply re-forged as needed. So it means I will be creating a portfolio for the General 3D/2D artist.
I have analysed several different positions in different studios. Just to name few positions, I have found for: Junior Artist in Playtech studio, freelance online position for general illustrator for studio known as Fire All Phasers and 2D/3D Artist, position held by the Booxware in Germany. I could list many more job positions but wouldn’t help anyone if we would just kept adding more and more positions without analysing them.
These and many more positions have plenty in common. So to list core skills in any 2D and 3D art related positions are:

– Good understanding of colour theory
– Being able to keep up with tight deadlines
– Good knowledge of Photoshop
– Good knowledge of either 3DS Max or Maya
– Brilliant communication skills and abilities to work independently and/or in teams

– Knowledge of at least one popular game development packages such as Unreal engine, Unity or Cry engine
– Strong and regularly updated portfolio
Additional beneficial traits include:

– Good Degree
– Experience within any related industry
– Have your name in credits of a AAA title.
These skills and traits were most common, there are many more skill types that could be crucial or beneficial. So good portfolio and CV have to prove that you have all these skills and it need to show clearly and effectively. Navigation must be clear and intuitive, layout of the website needs too supplement your content. It’s very important that all elements support each other, portfolio should be also memorable if you are looking for a job.

Hosting comes in important into this as well. If one can have web design skills then they may develop interesting website from scratch. However not everyone have skills to build one. So there are countless free and paid blogging and website platforms. Majority of possibilities of these platforms are limited by the themes you can access. Some themes are free some are paid. Majority of unpaid hosting options suffer that your blog will be a subdomain of a bigger website this means that URL of your blog will be part of the provider’s domain. This unnecessary expands your URL and makes it less interesting to the potential employers. However it could be removed by paying in some money per month to the provider.

Some domains to name are: wordpress.com, sitebuilder.com blogger.com, tumblr.com


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Holmes,N. (N.D). WRITING PORTFOLIOS A HOW-TO GUIDE. Available: https://clippings.me/writing-portfolio-how-to. Last accessed 28.sep.2015


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