Advanced 3D Modelling.

Advanced 3D modelling and rendering.

I am about to create a interesting and professional looking cinematic based upon inspiration or range of inspirations of my choice. Additionally I have to analyse various types of technologies which could be beneficial to me and obviously  I need to find and deeply analyse inspiration for this task.

Main rendering program I am planing to use is Unreal Engine 4. This software have wide variety of uses and is able to render high-quality images and animations the in real-time. Additionally unreal engine offers an array of advanced post-processing tools and effects which may be crucial in this project. In order to create my props I am planing to use Maya and Mudbox. I might also attempt to use zBrush I would have time to do so. I am fairly familiar with Maya and Mudbox so I should be able to produce my assets in fairly quick and effective manner. To create base for my textures I will use Adobe’s Photoshop and to add details to my assets and compile materials I might use substance designer.I need to take into account rendering times of my animatic.

I have found several potential inspirations and I am going to discus them in next post.


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