Introduction to the Advanced portfolio development.

Development of a professional portfolio.

I have to create a showcase and portfolio that will promote my skill and abilities. These two have to be provided as the blog and animation respectively. I have to research requirements for a career path of my choice and in general I have to research job opportunities within industry or related industries.

I need to think what my skills are my strongest skills and how to promote them in effective and professional way. To do so I will have to research blogs and portfolios of existing professional artists and best promotional platforms.

I have existing web blog and I’ll try to modify and improve it, in the light of aforementioned, I might test as well other blogging platforms and test their capabilities.

Successful portfolios and show reels are precise, concise and focused on their target, that’s obvious. However reasoning ,why and how these are effective is much deeper and that’s what I need to research and take into consideration.

Hopefully dear viewers you will be able to learn something about portfolio development and creative industries.

Soon proper content shall flow.


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