Simple animation or “Unit 8 practical skills for animation”

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

Well another project that’s need some publicity and here it is. An simple animation project.


I have selected to animate confusion/fear. I shall focus on the reaction of confusion with some elements of the fear in I, however it doesn’t mean that I tried with other feelings and concepts.

Idea 1.

My design is heavily influenced by another project which I am doing right now.  I will use plenty of elements from that. It will help me to save time creating quality propos which I will use in both projects. I will create some sketches on paper, and initial story board. I usually search for idea first and then I look for references.

I will try to use concept arts and props from both of the projects, it’s not guarantee that I will but the probability is high.

My initial idea was to animate a man who wakes up on floating island, and path arranges in front of him. The path would lead to the sky castle.  This was my first idea which I was considering.  It will be hard to pick suitable soundtrack, yet the sudden awaking in the place of danger or alienation makes it easy to display these feelings.

– Revision 1

I have thought about simplified version of the animation, where the character tries to press a button to open the doors. Ultimately he succeeds but what he finds there terrifies him. I would have just to create the button and the gate, which I am going to create both any way for another project.  To streamline the project can cut whole part of the castle and just skip to the gate.  I will add part from the Pirate’s of Caribbean.

– Revision 2

I have thought more about more project and I have managed to streamline the idea to the simplest form.  I will focus on the on the expression of the confusion and tiredness.  It uses low amount of the props and surrounding.

One of the main sources of the references would be the character of Capitan Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.  I will also try to detrive part of the soundtrack from the same scene which inspired me.  It can be accessed here: here

What I am planning to do is to have my character wake up tired, sleepy. Slowly stands up and progresses with wobbly walk towards

–          Revision 3

I had to streamline my animation. I had to skip several off frames and soundtrack and quotes. Still animation originates from  this idea but it changed. I have never intended to get realistic and proper movement.

Idea 2

Another idea is that I could try to animate a character that is being buried alive in a coffin. That would minimise amount of the props needed. It would be quite challenging to show the right amount of terror in the character. Majority of this animation would be cross section through the ground and the coffin. I had that idea when I was listening to the song by band Creature Feature, song is title “Buried Alive”.  Official performance video can be viewed: here.

Idea 3

Third idea is revers of the second idea also this animation would be quite cheerful. The character is robbing a grave. Protagonist would be digging up the grave.  At the end he digs up big golden pocket watch.

Fourth idea is that a character wins nice sum of money on lottery. For the time of animation he would be cheering, until he would hit with his head something and he knocks himself out.

Idea 4

Each of above is quite simple idea but perfecting them might be problematic.  Each of these ideas might change. I will be experimenting with each a bit and then I will try to look for some references for each. I usually pick the idea to which I can find best references.


Well all of that was initial idea how it turned out is a different thing. Then got into creation of concepts.

First I have created a storyboard with traditional means. Scanned it in and then created a digital version of it. Then I have created an animated version of the said

Collected conceptsdigital lay out


Now with animation I was supposed to created a proper animation in adobe after effects. but due to many issues and unfamiliarity of the software I have ended up creating it as gif in Photoshop  I could create it in adobe after effects however I couldn’t spare so much time on it learning new software from basics, as I had other pressing deadlines and projects.





After finishing this up I have taken rig and started to animate. First I have created preview as playblast animation. Then I have created Rendered version. It’s rather low quality  work as I had to reduce it. If not that would take very long time on my computer to render.

Finished version


Evaluation —

Even with initial steps project didn’t went well as I had hard time finding good idea. It took me longer than I expected and I wasn’t happy with my choice and I had to revive it several times and streamline it. Idea had little potential and I ruined it even more.

I am not fond of how the animation has came out and neither the concept.  I was also highly absorbed by other projects and I had personally little will to make this project. I have managed to finish it by deadline. Quality wise it’s much lower to my expectations.  I haven’t put enough effort into the project and I spent all of my will on all other projects and

I have practiced with handling professionally made rigs. I have also learned the importance of proper time managing and planning, which I haven’t done that much.  I don’t know what to say that much in this evaluation. This project went badly on almost every step from finding idea, to generation of concepts, animatic and animation.  I haven’t used any references even I was supposed to.  I haven’t found any good one or appealing for me.


and also a timetable to which I was working.

Week beginning Goal of the week Done on time?
03.03.2014 Have done in this week the concept of the story board, or at least the beginning of it. Yes
10.03.2014 Traditional concept of story board should be done. I should start digital copy of it. Yes
17.03.2014 I should have done the majority of the static story board done by this time. Yes
24.03.2014  At this time story board should be ready almost ready for animatic. No I haven’t done enough.
31.03.2014 Animatic should be started within this week.  And story board should be fully done. No. I don’t have good reasoning for this delay, except I was ill and I found it hard to work on this.
07.04.2014 Animatic should be done. No I haven’t fisnished the animatic at this point. I have decided to use another program that we should. I have used Adobe Photoshop instead Aftereffects.
28.04.2014 Start of animating. At beginning I should have do the animation of major movement. Yes. I have managed to work some on animatic.
05.04.2014 This week I should be working on the animation and smaller details. No I have lost my files due file corruption and some import issues. This is not a great loss.  I have finished an animatic.
12.05.2014 At this stage I should be working on cameras and even smaller details like eye movement and mimic. Yes. I have managed to catch up mostly.
19.05.2014 Animation should be ready this week. No, however it’s almost done. I am able to finish it by next week.
02.06.2014 In this week animation and all additional elements must be ready. Such as this timetable, concepts and evaluation. Yes





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