Some last bits.


So project is nearing to it’s end, I have just  couple of final pieces to show. Some posters and other proposed promotional materials. This time with not so well detailed references and details of making.

For some of promotional gear I wanted to include Gnasty Gnork an main antagonist. Well I did some research for his redesign.  I have looked up some ogres and orcs over the internet and made out of them small reference sheet. Which can be seen below. It includes both original designs of gnorck and some standard orks. Links to them are included in alter part. 
Inspirations behind gnorck

Then I have started to work on a simple on a look of a Gnorck I do agree I haven’t spend too much of a development work on him.  I got absorbed by other works in this task.  Below is an example how I created it and how I used it in a poster example. gnorck progress

Then I have just gathered together different materials created earlier by me and that’s the result. I didn’t like it too much.  mostly due how Gnorck turned out and bad choice of font. On other hand lay out and idea is quitegood for a promotional poster and after refining it could be used in marketing promotion or as ad or as sold poster. In order to be good I should re work Gnorck and blend it in a better way.

Poster 1


So I decided to give a try for another poster.  This time with a protagonist Spyro the dragon. Creation process included below. cover progress 1


Then in exactly same way as poster with Gnorck. I jsut bashed together what I did else. This poster works and looks better with previous.  With improved quality of spyro and better colour range and enchanced deepness it would be really good looking poster. 
poster 2Later on I decided to design a cover based upon posters and loosely referring to the original cover. As remake would be slightly more story based than original one I wanted to antagonist stand out more than on original piece.  With additional work posters, logo and cover would create a good outer look of a game.




PS3 Cover Template PEGI

Above original cover and mine.

Finally I had to created a piece of some sort of  HUD so I decided to bring up to date place where all informations about levels were stored.  Originally in spyro 1 it was just green screen with lists of content collected and missing in level, but further games took it step ahead and made out of it a guide book. So there is what I have created and further on are examples how it looked alike in other games from series. All screens are in oreder from first game to second and third and at the end my proposed remake.

spyro 1 menuspyro 2 atlas
spyro 3 atlas  


I have mixed feeling about the proposed gui concept. It could could look better assabled all together  but I am unsure how I could achieve this. Probably I should use better frames and fonts as well.



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