Evalouation of the project.

Well project is ended and I have to produce an evaluation of it.

Initially I have begun from creating an detailed article about the anatomy and application of 2D art and art assets in modern games.  I have committed initially research on the given topic and gathered range of information’s from different sources. I have used as well my own resources.

I think that I have covered everything in to the at least basic degree. I could give some more technical specifics on certain topics. Also I could arrange it in better way. I could also possibly make it look more like actual article.

I have learned some thanks to this task about file handling and formatting and also I have learned quite a lot about mip mapping.



For practical part I have chosen topic quite near to my heart.  First spyro game I remember game quite well and it’s one of my most favourite games of all time.  I wanted to give it proper second life.  I know that I haven’t collected much research for this task nor much of the development. I made some for the main paintings but not that much for some others.

I have done most of the review and evaluation at the each piece as I uploaded it to the internet so I will comment here whole project together.  I hadn’t too much “my own time” to work on this task.  I have managed to create majority of the content on time. I have managed my time better this time when compared to the previous project.   I have documented most of my creative process and I’ve figured out better way to do it which I will use next time.

I have learnt how to blend images and textures together and I have greatly practiced how to use 3D assets in order to create interesting environments and how to aid self with laying out perspective. I do have to work more on it at my own time when I have such.  I have also practiced drawing environments, logo types and quad-pedal characters.

Next time I should put some more attention the research and early development work as well, but on other hand I had clear image in my head what I wanted to do but I have problem to explain exactly what I wanted to do. I have to practice on this as well.


It was very interesting projecect I am quite annoyed I couldn’t work more an earlier on it.


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