Game re make mock up progress

Greetings ladies and gentleman.

As you possibly could  saw earlier I have created several concept thumbnail sketches of a remade location. I have managed to produce some progress recently and I’ve created several renders based upon my thumbnail sketches, I was testing with different points of view and I have tried out some changes in geometry. This all appears to be flowing in air due that I haven’t created mountains. But why I have modelled this at first place you may ask? Well whenever I am creating broader and more complex pictures with complex scene I am helping my self with simple render on which I am painting later on in Photoshop.


Concept render 1 Concept render 2 Concept render 3 Concept render 4 Concept render 5 Concept render 7 Concept render6




I have decided that I will create a remake of level called in original game as “High Cave” but as I wanted to make every level to stand out bit more, this level could be called ” High Cave Observatory” with observatory added to the castle and castle area greatly expanded.  Below I am also including the game play of the original level.


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