After some time PROGRESS

Greetings, after a longer break in any contact and updates of this very blog i have at least something worth showing.

I was working for some time on this but I prefer to submit one proper post than sending often small posts. I have already done some more stuff than I ma presenting however it’s not ready yet to show.  So let’s get to it.


As I am redesigning spyro a bit I have collected just acopule screenshots from game in order to be sure that redesign will be simmilar to the original game. Screens

And after that referring to it I have created couple of the concept sketches in order to find  nice shot. As it is usuall my sketches are hard to read I am aware of that, but they just exist to show the concept.  I rearly do have to handle them to someone else to process them further.



high cavens sketch 2 High cavens sketch High cavern concept sketch 2 shemp concept scene High cavens scanDark hollow

High cavern concept sketch





Up above is small  set of thumbnail sketches which I did to find a best look, I have tried with three levels, but I wanted to do most level called High caves. I have tried out how would same scene could look like with different camera angle and additions to the level. I have used different medias, because when I am working i don’t have equal access to my tools. Well the next step to get everything and by everything I mean getting the best shot possible I started to work with maya in order to create crude representation of shot based upon sketches and save time on pin pointing perspective.


One more thing. I am including all links to the sources of my images used as references.

11. to be precise (


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