Another day another project.

Another day another task. This time I have been asked to remake a game of my pick from 80s or 90s. I have choose Spyro the Dragon from 1998 the very first Spyro game. On the following pages I will be keeping all my graphical work, proposed changes in game-play and inspirations as well. I have choose this game as it was one of my first game  which I have played and it’s big part of my childhood.


“Spyro the dragon”-redesign plan and marketing.



Original colour palate was limited by the hardware limitations. Due high hardware limitations it was impossible to have high amount of decorative objects or have complicated textures, especially in the first game.

With capabilities of modern machines it is possible to increase the polycount of environment; characters in other words increase the amount of details. Add decorative foliage. Also there can be put much more thought and variation in a game, Such as mini games new enemies.  The game didn’t had any flying enemies for instance, well there were hovering and one type of bird going in circles.  With modern hardware and after comparing first game to second it is obvious what first missed.


Audience and target

Our first target would be original fans of the game the data base of the players demanding new games in style of first trilogy is still quite high. Majority of these fans are adults today.  It could be sold also as family game.

There are no official figure sales of this game but it was quite popular at the time. If the first remake would be successful it would be possible to redo them as well.


The remake could be based upon unreal engine. It have proven itself in creation wonderful fantasy and stylised graphics, for example the Alice, Madness returns or Borderlands

Game could benefit from dynamic lighting, which wasn’t originally present in a game.  Particle effects could also help.

Art style

It is possible to keep close to original art style, which is hard to define; properly it is colourful nice looking a bit like fairy tale. It could be reused in some cases but also it would benefit from adding some more details, on some objects but not on another. What I am saying was used in Team Fortress 2 where certain objects consist detailed stylised textures yet another use only simple colours with minimum of any details.  So yes game could adapt a bit of TF 2 art style, not whole but just some bits.

Level structure

Each level should have added some more individuality, in both soundtrack gameplay and graphics. However it still have to be recognizable.

Another thing is adding new levels.  Each of the hub worlds could lead at least to one new level and also their design should change graphically to reflect their purpose. Well in a first game we travel through varied lands where dragon lives, a realm (hub world) leads to the lesser places ( levels). These lesser place were the place dragon lived and worked, however the game wasn’t reflecting it too well. There could be added many things such as benches, trees lamp post and others in order to make them more like living place. What could also make them more alive and make it easier for developers would be a division and segregation of levels by their purpose.

Other important change that should be included is change of the water. Originally in first game Spyro could sink in any body of water, even in fountain. It should be changed that he can walk, across shallow bodies of water and swim across deeper ones. Structure of some levels should be reworked to reflect this change and also there should be added hazards living in water.

Original game consisted 6 hub worlds and 29 levels. In the remake it is estaminated that there would be around 35 levels.



Original soundtrack was written by Stewart Armstrong Copeland the drummer of rock band known as The Police. The soundtrack was praised by many and it was truly memorable, however with the Spyro 2 and 3 he wrote even better soundtracks.  It could be important for promotion of game getting this man involved in the project again and having him on team would ensure that new levels would keep same style of music.


If this is have to be made there must be acquired copy right towards this intellectual property that is this spyro game.  Rights don’t have to be nought full just partial to reales the remake of the game. If it sell well it is possible to develop remakes of spyro 2 and 3.


Time plan

Week number Week    
1 03-Feb-14   At this point I have to start collecting data and thinking on creation of the article.  I have a also to decide and start thinking what game I would remake.


2 10-Feb-14   Writing down the article and processing information.
3 17-Feb-14   I should I have found what game I want to remake and also I should have ready preview version of the article. I should also start generating some basic ideas and concepts of a content which I will generate.
x Half-term Holiday    
4 03-Mar-14   Creation of concept art.  I should also collect some inspirations and create some mood  tables.
5 10-Mar-14   Refining of the article, further work with concept art.
6 17-Mar-14   Further work with concept art.
7 24-Mar-14   Further work with concept art.
8 31-Mar-14   I should have concepts done and start creating the final designs.
9 07-Apr-14   Generation of mock up screens and promotional materials.
x Easter   Catch up and polishing of an article.
x Easter    
10 28-Apr-14   Generation of the final promotional elements
11 05-May-14   Finishing off remaining elements of the project.
12 12-May-14   Gathering all evidence in manageable and clear hand in order.  Upload of remaining things to the blog.
13 19-May-14 Final date for hand in This week is final hand of the project. In this week I can fin his of final elements.



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