HEAVY METAL. Environment and closing project down.

Greetings good people this is a last post about a Heavy metal. I have created all required pieces for it and it is most probably the end of it. So let’s take a look on the environment and it’s creation process.

So the below is a  final piece of my concept piece. What I was creating was a top secret ex-soviet base located deep in Siberian tundra. For some reason all of the  records of exsitance of this place has been eradicated by the KGB. It was also impossible to see it from space due elabartive stealth technology. Recently power went of and complex simply appears on radars.

So below is my final piece. This concepts focuses on the building of central office. In game this object is the main objective on the map. Team which captures it, and all forward bases will win. Well, let’s have a look how I have created this one, as it is bit different than other work I did.

Location finalTo create this piece, first I have created some quick sketches of some objects that will be located on the premises of the facility.  I am not that good with creating thumbnail views of envrioments or locations so I helped my self with 3D program; maya 2013.

I have created just some quick possible la outs of the base and it’s premises and then picked one to finalize it. Envirometns

I have choose one piece and then I started Photoshop and started creating my final piece.  ON the final piece I have spent around two hours only. So I am quite surprised that I managed to produce it in that quality, I was expecting it to be much lower quality. Well nevertheless let’s have look at it’s actual creation.  This piece was only partially drawn by me.  It’ major point of interest is actually a modified photo. So I have looked for a building in a communist architecture whihc was popular at that time and I have managed to find this free to use photography.   Which can be seen over here : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8f/Blok_mieszkalny_przy_ulicy_Wile%C5%84skiej_w_Raciborzu.JPG   .  I modified it using clone stamp tool, to maintain texture and get rid of undesired elements, I have used that brush over normal one to transfer the texture, form one part of building to another.  Then I have drawn couple of things by my self, such as barracks on the sides and flag pole, and sky. I have used couple of filters on sky to quickly get a range of details and stylize it. Then I have looked for some old soviet posters and put them to the structure, final I have put the coat of arms of the USSR to the side of structure. Then I have used some filters to stylize the building, then using burn tool I have added some shadows. At the end I have added an overlay layer to blend while picture in. Then I’ve saved everything as JPEG, and I worked on color balance and contrast from there.

If I would work some more on it it could be better, especially I  should work with blending everything together. Also I should work some with door area as it doesn’t look like it follows proper  perspective. What I should work as well is aging, the building doesn’t look old enough. I could blend in some more photos of the damage and aging.


Well in this case I have to be honest that I hadn’t any inspiration while I was creating this. I lived most of my life amongst communist architecture, I can still see it when I close my eyes. However as stated earlier I have kit bashed this picture, as it is much faster to do it this way.


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