Heavy Metal. Red Wolf final.

Heavy Metal. Red Wolf final.

Well I have finished the APC at last, it took a while I have to admit. I am quite content with the final outcome. It can be used as modelling sheet, and most probably I will model this if I will have a time.

Initially I have scanned in my concept, and made a sketch based on it. Then using construction lines I have created top view of the vehicle. Then I moved it into middle and started filling up sketch with a colour. Then I’ve added some shading and it was done.

I’ve used Photoshop, so I could easily move around and re arrange the concept pieces and adjust them at will. Also if that would be an actual concept piece for an actual game I could easily create alternative paint jobs and decals, thanks to the layers.

I have taken inspirations from couple of the artworks and real life vehicles, but most prominently I was inspired by Bullfrog transport from red alert 3, Rhino transport form warhammer 40k and real life soviet BRDM 2.

As I mentioned my main inspirations were. :



German Wieser apc. Mostly due it’s unusall and interesting hull structure.


Half track from red alert 2. Despite being made up troop transport it looks serious and believable. I found that interesting.


Amd most important BRDM-2 A soviet construction that is dated back to the world war 2 and it still got it’s use in many different armies around our globe.


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