Heavy metal. Digital concept of a soldier.

Heavy metal. Digital concept of a soldier.

Well, here for a change is fully coloured digital render of the Russian soldier for the my HND project Called Heavy Metal. I have spent three hours on each. I am not planing to work on infantry men any longer for now, I have to focus on a transport vehicle.

Well there is not too much to say about creations process of this one. I have scanned in a negative space sketch which I have created earlier, and then I’ve just started blocking out some shapes and then I was just adding more details and shading. Everything was done in Photoshop. There is not much to say about this else.

I have selected Photoshop to create this one, due large amount of texture brushes available and ability to quickly change and manipulate with colours, hues and many other. I have also added some textures to the back view to quickly increase level of details.

The previous were created with pencils, as it is much less demanding at least for me to create several simple sketches with pencils.

Below is negative space sketch mentioned earlier quickly created with pencils. I maintain a selection of such neutral negative space sketches for two reason. 1) for practice of creating them and 2) I can re-use them in a later work.


During the creation of soldier I have used couple of references and inspirations, from games and real life.


Like shown below some of my inspiratiosn, were concept arts of red alert 2, in this case Shock trooper, and various gas masks.  This is only a fraction of my inspirations, but I think it’s worth to explain what do I mean.

GasMaskNew images (1) images (2)


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