Heavy metal. Hand full of scketches.

Well today  I have preaperd  some quick thumb nail sketches of the Russian soldiers for game Heavy Metal. They are based upon real life gear used by Russian forces and some other countries which use same or similar equipment  such as Greece.Art style is heavily inspired by games from command and conquer series and Warhammer 40k.    All three were made on scrap paper with same pencils. Thees exist only to find the right feel for em. I am always starting drawings from head as I find it much easier to create lower body.

I should refine my scketches a bit and work on  lay out. Also I have to develop a habit of sketching whole bodies, not only parts.

My artistic skills are quite low, I am just student learning  how to make things. Feedback is much appreciated.

Russ_sold_ concept_1Russ soldiers concept0.2


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